Samra's art experiences reflect her creativity. Her innovative yet practical approach to arts and crafts is evident in her class presentations, and as an Outreach Instructor for William King Regional Arts Center, in Abingdon, VA.


She is also experienced in water color painting, having won awards in that medium. She applies various art techniques in her original paintings of:


Brass Finger Cymbals


Gold or Silver Finger Cymbals can be painted with your personal or troupe logo or any artistic design. Make your Zils stand out musically and visually. Designs also help the dancers separate quickly the right from left hand. The sound of Zils is not affected since it is not heated.

    Tambourines and Frame Drums    

Customize your tambourines with your own design or a design created by Samra. The imagination is the only limit. Paintings are permanent, although might fade with extended exposure to time. Synthetic fibers preferred.

    Silk Veils    
    These are not tie-dyed veils, but very time consuming and hand painted.    
    Henna Art    

These can only be done personally since it is wearable body art.Samra is available for special cultural events, “henna parties”, carnivals, and art and crafts demonstrations.