Samra offers weekly classes at Carroll Wellness Center in Hillsville, VA, Galax Recreation Center, in Galax VA, Reeves Community Center in Mt. Airy, NC, and Ray Hollingsworth Studio in Martinsville, VA. She has recently taught in Floyd, VA, New River Community College, and Center Street Arts in Galax. Her schedule and locations change, thus one should contact each site or Samra for her current schedule. She teaches all ages and many styles of ethnic and popular dances. She also tries to keep her website calendar updated.


Besides teaching group classes, Samra is often invited to teach to private individuals or groups, and presents mini-workshops at clubs, civic organizations, churches, schools and medical facilities. She can tailor the class duration and content to each specific need and interest of the hosts. Her demonstrations have varied from Middle Eastern to Brazilian, to Hawaiian dances. Please, check her Dance Repertoire page for further information.


Samra is available and willing to travel within the USA and worldwide, and has already presented workshops at various states in the USA and other countries.


For individuals or groups who are unable to learn from Samra in person, or would like to follow up after a workshop, a DVD instructional program is available. Samra is producing non-frill instructional DVDs for a limited number of students who attend her workshops, so that the students can continue to practice. Each DVD focus on a different topic or choreography.


Dancers who prefer the benefits of individual or small group teaching and coaching can attend private classes with Samra or send a short performance video for feedback and guidance. Samra can assist by providing a DVD and written notes with suggestions for enhancement of movements, posture, facial expressions, etc. One of Samra's unique skills is her ability to help dancers become more confident, and to overcome excessive performance anxiety. She understands this phenomenon very well, because she herself had to overcome her own! Samra is well known for her thoroughness and attentiveness, as well as for her patience and genuine interest in the progress of her students.


In case of choreography or technique instruction, a dancer can request to work on specific topics and she and Samra can exchange videos, so that Samra can assess the progress of the student and provide specific strategies for correction on videos. She can help one improve posture, arms, expressiveness, musicality, and most importantly, one's self-confidence.


For information on other programs or enrichment related programs, please, check the page for Dance Resources.


Samra provides written notes in English for all workshops whenever possible. She also speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Handouts in these languages may be provided by a previous agreement at least one month prior to the workshop. Follow-up DVDs (non-frill and for participants only) and practice CDs can also be provided by previous arrangement at additional cost.

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