*Klutz 2 Diva Volume 1*


The Klutz 2 Diva Format introduces Oriental Belly Dance in gradual stages. It is for persons who have never experienced belly dance. The content is manageable, and the vocabulary is  presented at a pace that is fulfilling and rewarding.


Volume 1 DVD and Manual Introduce Oriental Belly Dance in its artistic and historical context . If follows the natural tendency of adults to learn to dance by moving from the feet upwards. The conditioning warm-up prepares the body for increased flexibility, stamina, and all over muscle toning and control.


The clear instructions for the arm positions, steps and turns are separated into distinctive chapters, so that the learner can repeat or skip each chapter as needed. The 10 combinations put these poses and steps together in even counts (4 or 8), which can be performed to any 4 beat music, fast or slow.


If the dancer has already studied Belly Dance or is currently taking classes, this video is a good refresher of the basics or a good practice between classes. It is also a valuable basic video for persons wishing to learn this art form but are unable to attend regular classes, or those who would like to become familiar with this dance form before enrolling in a group class.


We hope that you enjoy Klutz 2 Diva Volume 1 and continue your progress with us through future volumes.

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*101 Shimmies Vol 1 by Samra*

    Basic technique to prepare the dancer for innovative and dynamic Drum Solos    



Samra's clear instructions on head to toes technique prepare the body for intricate movements of shoulders, hips, torso, arms and hands in exquisite and innovative accents. She demonstrates various types of Shimmies with clear explanation on the origin of the movement and muscles used.



    Summary of content:    
  • HEAD - Slide, Crescen, Circle, Toss, Flip, Tilt
  • SHOULDERS - Thrusts, Lifts, Drops, Rolls Slides, Up/Down, Shimmy
  • RIBCAGE - Slide, Circle, Rock, Shimmy, Figure 8
  • HANDS - Flicks, Shimmy, Close/Open, Extend/Contract, Palms Up/Down
  • ABDOMEN - Pops, Staccato Undulation, Contraction, Rolls
  • FEET - Point/Flex, Circle, Extend, Touch and Lift
  • KNEES - Cross Plie, Circle, Lift, Push
  • HIPS - 6 directions of articulation, 3 Original Sources of Shimmy, Shimmy of varying intensities, Walking Shimmy, Standing Shimmy, Freeze and Vibrations
  • HIP ACCENTS AND PATTERNS - Arches, Letters, Designs, Single Hip Circles, Side Choo-Choo, Walking Hip Drops, Running Choo-Choos, Omis, Twisting Drop Walks
  • THORAX - Pulse (fast shimmy), Afro-Brazilian Shimmy
  • PELVIS AND BUTTOCKS - Turkish Shimmy, Hip V Walk, Buttocks contraction and release,
  • LIFTS/DROPS/POPS/ LOCS of various body parts

I am delighted to share the content of this DVD with you. Please, recommend it to your friends and students. Look for VOLUME 2, which contains:

  • Various samples of rhythms used in drum solos
  • Intricate hip and body articulation created and complied by Samra
  • Combinations to interpret each rhythm
  • Full drum solo choreography
    To be released in 2007    
  • Klutz 2 Dive Volume 2
  • 101 Shimmies Volume 2
  • Oriental Dance Choreography
  • Turkish Choreography