Dance study is much more than attending classes. It is a process that encompasses all aspects of life. A dancer's performance should reflect not only technical skill and musicality, but also the richness of life's experiences. Samra's performances capture the depth of each dance style because of her own warm personality and her commitment to interpret the cultural context of the dances.


She has studied with the greatest masters around the world, and has traveled to Europe, Egypt , Brazil (her native country), Mexico , and several countries in Asia . She has also traveled to nearly all the states in the USA . All these travels have included teaching and learning dance, and other art related experiences. She has attended and continues to attend innumerous workshops because she strongly believes that learning is a continuous process and everyone has something to offer.


Some of her more intensive studies include attendance to full days of classes at these weeklong events. These courses include many styles of dance and instructors, thus it is difficult to list them all.

  • Morocco 's Weeklong (NYC)
  • Mendocino Camp (CA)
  • Rakkasah East and West
  • Shake and Bake Festival (NM)
  • Suhaila Salimpour Weeklong ( Clinton , MD )
  • Uzbek Camp (DC)
  • Ahlan Wa Sahlam Festival ( Cairo )
    Also, several workshops and/or private study with Conchi, Cassandra, Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Raqia Hassan, Nadia Hamdi, Amaya , Bert Balladine, Eva Cernik, Artemis, and many others to whom I am deeply grateful.    


    Besides some of the instructors listed above there are others who have also made a great impact in my dance education either because of their uniqueness, their warmth, or because of the dance style they teach. I would like to list: Dina, Helene Eriksen, Morocco , Soheir Zaki, Tayyar Akdeniz, Leila Haddad, Shareen Al Safy, Kizlarkhon Dustmukhamedova, Dalia Carella, Sarah Kent, Aziza, Hadia, Ayum, Shaharazad, Robyn Friend, Laurel Victoria Gray, and many others. I also learn a great deal through videos from instructors not accessible in person, and I must include the deceased legendary dancers from Egypt and Lebanon , whose videos I use as a constant source of inspiration and fountain of knowledge.    


    Samra also take every opportunity to take classes when available on many other ethnic dances, sometimes traveling to other countries or international communities in the USA .    


    With her expertise and experience in dance, Samra would like to share her knowledge with her readers on the following topics:    
    What is Belly Dance?    
    Dance as an Educational Program.    
    Tips for Studying Dance.