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All dances will be presented in professional costumes and to authentic music.


Middle Eastern Traditional Dances

  • Cane (Raks al Asaya) - Traditionally from Egypt , but popular in Middle Eastern countries.
  • Shamadan - Dance usually performed at weddings and other ceremonies where dancers balance a candelabra on her head.
  • Hagallah - Lively folkloric dance that involves the audience in clapping and excitement.
  • Raks Sharki - Commonly known in the United States by the incorrect term: "Belly Dance"
  • Finger Cymbal - Used in most dances to accompany the music, or simply drums, or a capella.
  • Double Veil - Although not traditional, it is very lyrical, artistic, and irresistible to use during certain dances.
  • Double and Single Sword - Although not documented as traditional, sword balancing is an intriguing dance inspired by dances from the Orient and Middle East.
  • Khaleegi - Gulf dance. From Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.
  • Schikkat - From Morocco, performed as social version, danced in parties and festivities (often involves volunteers from the audience).
  • Tunisian - Jug - Uses twisting hip motion while balancing a jug on the head; Scarf - using short hand scarves to emphasize movements.
  • Isis Wings - Recent interpretation inspired by Ancient Egyptian mythology
    Popular International Dances    

Samra has an extensive music library of recent popular music. If you want a memorable party that involves everyone, she will take you and your guests through a real dance voyage around the world. Includes music from: Balkan Countries, Greece, Turkey, Central Asia, Iran, all Middle Eastern Countries, Spain, Latin America, North Africa, West Africa, Bali etc.


Please call to inquire about available repertoire by Samra or her dance associates.